Eye Care Recommendations

Pink Eye and Other Infections
Do not put off visiting the office when your eyes become infected, especially if you awaken in the morning with an unusually thick discharge from your eye. In some cases, particularly in contact lens wearers, these infections can be sight threatening. DO NOT use old prescription eye drops on your infected eye. You may do more damage than good. Prescription eye drops are formulated to kill specific microbial organisms. It is also important to follow the directions for the prescription. Ending use of the prescribed medicine before its recommended stop date can cause serious problems.

With school-aged children you will likely need a note from my office before your child may return to school because some types of pink eye are caused by a very contagious type of adenovirus. Children with this type of infection will need to wait until the contagious period is over before they may return to school.

Chemical Burns to the Eye
If you get a chemical in your eye that produces a burning sensation, the treatment will be the same, regardless of the chemical: immediately flush your eye with tap water for up to 20 minutes. If the eye is still irritated after 20 minutes, or if you notice any damage to the eye, call the office immediately. The eye will most likely require medical attention

Foreign Objects in the Eye (back to top)
If you feel or see that the object has come out of the eye and they eye is no longer uncomfortable after 30 minutes, it will almost certainly be fine - simply leave the eye alone. An object that barely penetrates the eye, or one which is blunt, will almost always work itself out of the eye on its own.

If the eye is uncomfortable for more than 30 minutes, come to the office immediately. If you have a deeper wound, or a sharp object penetrated the eye, there is probably more damage to the eye from which a serious infection can develop.

If you have a metal fragment in your eye, the sooner you receive medical attention the better. Metal begins to rust almost immediately after it enters the eye, so you must receive medical attention quickly. Rust that is left in the eye can lead to immunologic problems later on.

Inflammations and Other Irritations (back to top)
The eyes respond to many systemic health problems by reddening. Please do not use whitening drops prior to coming
to the office. Your eyes need to be checked in as natural a state as possible. The eye drops will make diagnosis
more difficult.

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